Fancy redesign fail

The title says it all, I just wanted to play around with their design and thought Reno might look cute with round glasses and Rude would be cool with some kind of tattoo? Eeeh... no, they look too much like someone else and I don't like that. I guess I like their real design too much.

Drunk people tell the truth

I guess I had a million ideas during the last decade of how Reno and Rude get from friendship to relationship. One, rather simple one, of these ideas is that Reno is actually running around with feelings for quite some time, unable to find the courage or to express what he actually thinks. He might have tried to talk to Rude when he was drunk but Rude didn't take it serious at all, not even thinking about the possibility that he's telling the truth. Maybe because Reno's usually one big idiot in general when he's drunk.

Bed time story

One thing I loved in the remake is Barret's portrayal and the absolute cuteness that were the scenes between him and Marlene ♥

Wet hair

I thought Reno's hair just has to look really stupid when it's wet, but actually this looks kinda cute.

How Cloud got that emblem on his shoulder armour

I'm a disgrace for this fandom, lol.


Tifa: "Aren't you a bit too big to be carried all the time?"
Marlene: "Daddy always carries me! O:"
Tifa: "Well, your daddy could still carry you around when you're as big as I am, but I'm not Barret. :')"


I wanted to draw Rude and Reno separately just to ... like ... bring them both into focus individually. I've even drawn this separately but in the end I've put it together anyway and wasted a lot of time, lol.