Life goals

University was the best time of my life. All I did was sleep, draw and play video games (and study ... once in a while). My room was dark, PS3/4 was on all the time, I hardly left my bed and had so little to worry about. And everyone was fangirling about something!


And now my part. Your tactics worked.

I always liked to think about status effects and how they would look like in "real life" outside of battle. Buuut I think Barret could spare the few moments until Tifa arrives with that remedy.
And Quistis probably got the Squall card.

Illuminated and revenge

I tried to motivate myself and Saboten to upload something. So this is my part: Pretty Tseng and Nanaki who was kicked with the ball one too many times.
I can't wait for the moment when the FF7 remake is out and everyone will be drawing fanart and writing fanfictions and there will be so much new input and and and. But it's still so far away...

More soundtrack-inspired pictures

Especially the FF7 soundtrack is always a good source of inspiration. I hope they won't change the OST too much when the FF7 remake comes out ... Or maybe they will add an option to switch to the old one? Might be too difficult, though.


So early in the game, when driving at night and Ignis was going on about the dangers, Prompto whined that he needs his beauty sleep and Gladio responded to that with "Eh, you're pretty enough already" (in the german version at least) and I just couldn't stop thinking about it even though I know that this is a perfectly normal tease. Ahem.


I spend way too much time watching the idle animations and creating stories in my head. 
Prompto sometimes checks out his hair in the rearview mirror, right, so maaaybe he also catches some interesting sights occasionally.


Usually I don't start doing shippy stuff until I finish the canon material, but I just couldn't resist them... I'm currently on chapter 5, so there's still so much material I don't know yet. Oops.