Type-0 midnight sketches

Of course I try to play all FF games ... but I wouldn't have bought Type-0 now if it wasn't for the FFXV demo. It's still so expensive and it's just a PSP remaster. I "had to" buy it because of FFXV. Well, that's how I felt 10 days ago. Now ... geez. Type-0 is so fantastic. It's already one of my most favourite games ever. The characters are all so lovely and the story broke my heart in many different ways.

I played the ladies most of the time, especially Cinque. I love how she smashes everything that comes in her way! >D

And Kazusa, aaahhh. This guy is such a freak. And I think he loves Kurasame. He's the only person in the whole game (that I encountered) who tried to avoid the memory loss and took preparations. Apparently he was really scared to forget Kurasame. Well. He forgot him anyway and he tried so hard to regain his memory afterwards. It was painful to see him like this. :'(